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American Art Sculpting Lincoln: Vinnie Ream, Sarah Fisher Ames, and the Equal Rights Movement.
A Review of Statue Model Miner Kellogg's review of Lincoln statue model. February, 1869
Abraham Lincoln Museum Vinnie Ream and Abraham Lincoln art works.
Abraham Lincoln Statue Explore Capitol Hill: Lincoln Statue.
Abraham Lincoln Statue Abraham Lincoln Bicentennial Birthday Celebration.
Bummer Article Lincolnís Beautiful Sculptor or Enchanting Washington Nymph.
Lincoln in Sculpture P.P. Caproni & Bro. manufacturer of casts and sculptures.
The Lincoln Forum Lincoln web sites.
Abraham Linclon on-line Books and information about Lincoln.
American History Glenn Sherwood's letter to American History.
Architect of Capitol A brief history of Vinnie Ream
Art in the Capitol Sumner's remarks about Vinnie Ream during the Senate debate.
Author's Genealogy Glenn Sherwood's relationship to the Ream Family.
Birthday Listing Vinnie Ream's birthdate and other prominent women.
Franz Liszt Bust of Franz Liszt by Vinnie Ream.
Carol Castor Carol Castor's painting of Vinnie Ream.
Congress of Women Congress of Women article.
Delaware Historical Society Log cabin box carved by Vinnie Ream.
GPA Healy portrait GPA Healy Portrait of Vinnie.
Harold Holzer 1 Harold Holzer Article on Lincoln art.
Harold Holzer 2 The Many Images of Lincoln
Johnson Impeachment The Andrew Johnson Impeachment. Trial
Library of Congress The Library of Congress.
Lincoln Statue by Ream Abraham Lincoln Statue.
Mark Twain's Letters Mark Twain's letters with one about Vinnie Ream.
Murray Article Walt Whitman and Washington's Civil War Hospitals by Martin G. Murray.
My Hero: Vinnie Ream Glenn Sherwood's Winning California Festival Short Film about Vinnie Ream.
National Statuary Hall National Statuary Hall art index.
Paul Sloca Article Impeachment Furore Last Century also Featured a Young Woman.
Portrait of Vinnie Ream GPA Healy Portrait of Vinnie.
Ream Family Origins Ream Family in America and its European Roots.
Sappho Statue Vinnie Ream Sappho statue.
Smithsonian Features Vinnie Ream article.
USCHS Capitol Tour USCHS Capitol Tour.
Vinnie Ream Sculpting a Name for Herself in History
Vinnie Ream Hoxie American Sculptor & Army Wife
Vinnie Ream's Grave Vinnie Ream's gravesite at Arlington National Cemetary
Vinnie Ream - Post Office Vinnie Ream's Employment in the U.S. Postal Service.
Women at Arlington Women buried at Arlington National Cemetery.