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References to Art Works by Vinnie Ream

Known or Reported Sculpture by Vinnie Ream (Hoxie) 1847-1914.
(Codes used in references are from Appendix D, pp369-374 of A Labor of Love)

For a more detailed summary of references related to works see:
Rosemary Hopkins, Vinnie Ream Art Catalogue..." 1966, AOC Files
(Additions and corrections have been made here to Hopkins' research).

Susan B. ANTHONY 1820-1906 b. Adams, Mass. -women's rights leader.
Giacomo ANTONELLI 1806-1876 -Papal Cardinal, Secretary of State in Rome.
Henry W. BEECHER 1813-1887 b. Litchfield, Conn. -clergyman, abolitionist.
George Caleb BINGHAM 1811-1879 -Missouri genre artist, painter.
Frank P. BLAIR 1791-1876 b. Abingdon, Va. -Am. statesman, journalist.
Elias C. BOUDINOT 1835-1890 b. New Echota, Ga. -Cherokee lawyer, writer.
John A. BRASHEAR 1840-1920 -Pennsylvania lensmaker, ASME president.
Wm. G. (parson) BROWNLOW 1805-1877 b. Wythe Cty, Va. -US Senate 1869-75.
Salmon P. CHASE 1808-1873 b. Cornish, Nh. -Chief Justice 1864-73, US Senate.
Cassius M. CLAY: 1810-1903 b. Madison Cty. Ky. -abolitionist, diplomat.
Schuyler COLFAX: 1823-1885 b. Nyc -US Congress 1855-69; V. Pres. 1869-73.
Peter COOPER 1791-1883 b. Nyc -Am. inventor, industrialist.
Ezra CORNELL 1807-1874 b. Westchester Landing, Ny. -American financier.
Albert B. CUMMINS 1850-1926 b. Greene Cty, Pa. -US Senate Iowa 1908-1926.
George A. CUSTER 1839-1876 b. New Rumley, Ohio -General, US Army.
David DAVIS 1815-1886 -US Supreme Court 1862-77; US Senate 1881-83.
Paulina Kellogg Wright DAVIS 1813-1876 b. Bloomfield, Ny. -woman journalist.
Charles F. DEEMS 1820-1893 b. Baltimore, Md. -clergyman, author, col. pres.
Paul Gustave DORE 1833-1883 -self-taught French painter, artist.
Frederick DOUGLASS: 1817-1895 b. Tuckahoe, Md. -Negro orator, editor.
James B. EADS 1820-1887 b. Lawrenceburg, Ind. -engineer, inventor, advisor.
David G. FARRAGUT 1801-1870 b. Knoxville, Tenn. -Admiral US Navy Civil War.
Thomas C. FLETCHER 1827-1899 b. Herculaneum -lawyer, Col. USA, Mo. Gov.
Jessie Benton FREMONT 1825-1902 b. Mo. -Mrs. J.C., T.H. Benton's daughter.
John C. FREMONT 1813-1890 b. Savannah, Ga. -Gen. USA, US Senate 1850-51.
John W. FULLER 1827-1891 b. Cambridge, U.K. -General USA civil war.
James A. GARFIELD 1831-1881 b. Cuyahoga Cty, Ohio -Gen., 20th President.
George L. GILLESPIE 1841-1913 b. Tennessee -Chief, D.C. Corps of Engineers.
Ulysses S. GRANT 1822-1885 b. Point Pleasant, Ohio -Gen. USA; 18th President.
Horace GREELEY 1811-1872 b. Amherst, Nh. -Am. journalist, politician.
James HARLAN? 1820-1899 b. Clark Cty, Ill. -US Senate 1855-65, 1867-73.
Edwin B. HAY (Rock Creek Cemetery bust) -Washington D.C. Shrine order.
Johns HOPKINS 1795-1873 -Baltimore benefactor, American financier.
Pere HYACINTHE (Charles Loyson) 1827-1912 -liberal French priest.
John JAY 1817-1894 b. Nyc -lawyer, diplomat, US Minister to Austria 1869-75.
Reverdy JOHNSON 1796-1876 b. Annapolis, Md. -US Senate 1845-49, 1863-68.
Wilhelm KAULBACH 1805-1874 b. Arolsen, Westphalia -German painter, artist.
Miner K. KELLOGG 1814-1889 b. Onondaga Cty, Ny. -American painter, artist.
Samuel KIRKWOOD 1813-1894 b. Harford Cty, Md. -US Sen. 1866-67, Iowa Gov.
L.Q.C. LAMAR 1825-1893 b. Putnam Cty, Ga. -US Senate 1877-1885, Jurist.
Robert E. LEE 1807-1870 b. Stratford, Va. -General CSA, Pres. Wash. Col.
Abraham LINCOLN 1809-1865 b. Hardin Cty, Ky. -lawyer, 16th President.
Franz LISZT 1811-1886 b. Raiding -Hungarian composer, pianist.
George E. McCLEAN ?-? -professor, University of Iowa; ~1909 bust.
George B. McCLELLAN 1826-1885 b. Philadelphia, Pa. -General US Army.
James K. MOORHEAD 1806-1884 b. Halifax, Pa. -US House Pa. 1859-69.
Daniel J. MORRELL 1821-1885 -b. North Berwick, Me. -US House Pa. 1867-71.
James W. NESMITH 1820-1885 b. New Brunswick, Canada -US Senate 1861-67.
Crosby S. NOYES 1825-1908 b. Minot, Me. -Journalist, Pres. Assoc. Press 1900.
Albert PIKE 1809-1891 b. Boston, Mass. -General CSA, Lawyer, Masonic leader.
Samuel S. POWELL 1776-1841 b. Norristown, Pa. -Mayor of Brooklyn.
Alexander RAMSEY 1815-1903 b. Harrisburg, Pa.-Mn. Gov; US Senate 1863-75.
T. Buchanan READ 1822-1872 b. Corner Ketch, Pa. -American poet, painter.
J. Meredith READ 1837-1896 -lawyer, US Consul General in Paris 1869-73.
John H. RICE 1816-1911 b. Mt. Vernon, Me. -lawyer, US House Maine 1861-67.
James S. ROLLINS 1812-1888 b. Richmond, Ky. -lawyer, US House Missouri.
Edmund G. ROSS 1826-1907 b. Ashland, Ohio -Publisher, US Senate Ks. 1866.
John ROSS 1790-1866 b. Tenn. -Cherokee Chief (marble bust attributed to VR).
Lovell H. ROUSSEAU 1818-1869 b. Lincoln Cty, Ky. -General USA, US Senate.
George W. SAMSON 1819-1896 b. Harvard, Mass. -D.C. clergyman, col. pres.
SEQUOYAH (George Guess) 1766-1839 b. North Carolina. -Cherokee linguist.
William H. SEWARD 1801-1872 b. Orange Cty, NY -lawyer, Sec'y of State 1869.
Alexander R. SHEPHERD 1835-1902 D.C. Governor -bust being made in 1874.
John SHERMAN 1823-1900 b. Lancaster, Ohio -US Senate '61-77, Anti-trust Act.
W.T. SHERMAN 1820-1891 b. Lancaster, Ohio -General of the US Army 1869.
Green C. SMITH 1826-1895 b. Richmond, Ky. -General USA, US House 1863-66.
Martin J. SPALDING 1810-1872 b. Rolling Fork, Ky. -Baltimore Archbishop.
Charles H. SPURGEON 1834-1892 -English Calvinist minister.
Thaddeus STEVENS 1792-1868 b. Danville, Vt. -US House 1849-53, 1859-68.
George H. THOMAS 1816-1870 b. Southampton Cty, Va. -General US Army.
Theodore TILTON 1835-1907 -editor of the Ny Independent, 1856-71.
Eliakim TORRANCE 1844-? b. New Alexandria, Pa. -lawyer, GAR commander.
Robert O. TYLER 1831-1874 b. Hunter, Md. -Maj. General USA Civil War.
Robert B. VAN VALKENBURGH 1821-1888 b. Prattsburg, Ny -House 1861-65.
Daniel W. VORHEES 1827-1897 b. Butter Cty, Ohio -US Senate 1879-97.
Morrison R. WAITE 1816-1888 b. Lyme, Conn. -Chief Justice USSC 1874-88.
John Brisben WALKER 1847-1931 -publisher, Cosmopolitan, 1889-1905.
Elihu B. WASHBURNE 1816-1887 b. Livermore, Me. -US House 1853-69.
John WENTWORTH 1815-1888 b. Sandwich, Nh. -Chicago mayor, House '43-67.
Ling-Fang WU ?-? Minister to US from China; ~1903 bust.
Richard YATES 1815-1873 b. Warsaw, Ky. -US Senate 1865-71, Gov. of Ill.

Best Known Ideal Works Where Work or Description Remains:

"America" heroic size marble bust of a "Columbia" figure -1870.
"Aurora" medallion -1866.
"The Butterfly" portrait bust of a child (of Edward Clark) -1871.
"The Dying Standard Bearer" medallion -1864.
"Eve" portrait bust of a woman? ~1868.
"Father and Family" group -1866.
"Highland Mary" medallion -1870.
"Idleness" marble sculpture of a hand holding a spray of flowers -1870.
"Il Penserosa" heroic bust of a woman wearing a helmet? -1866.
"The Indian Girl" full length figure -modeled by Anna Guy-Ream -1865.
"Industry" hand wearing linen cuff holding a pen in the act of writing -1870.
"The Lily" portrait bust of a child (of Edward Clark) -1871.
"La Sensibilite" portrait bust of a woman wearing embroidered scarf -1868.
"Minerva" medallion -1866.
"Miriam" (The Tambourine Girl) full length marble figure -1870.
"The Morning Glory" marble portrait bust of a child (of Perry Fuller) -1865.
"The Ocean Nymph" young woman reclining on rock with seashell -1868.
"The Passion Flower" marble portrait bust of a young woman -1870.
"Refuge" woman kneeling with a cross -1870.
"Rip Van Winkle" statuette -1872.
"Rosebud" hand picking up a rosebud -1872.
"Sappho: The Muse of Poetry" full length marble figure of the poetess -1870.
"Sequoyah" portrait bust of the Cherokee -1874.
"Spartacus" full length figure of the gladiator (before 1866).
"The Spirit of the Carnival" marble seated woman holding flower garland -1870.
"Spring" portrait bust of a child -(sold in 1872).
"The Union" group: "The North, The South, The East, The West." (1865-70).
"The Violet" marble portrait bust of a young woman (1865-70).


STATUES: (listed by Name, Material, Size, Location)

1. "Abraham Lincoln" marble, 6'4" above base, U.S. Capitol
2. "Kirkwood" bronze, 7'4" above base, U.S. Capitol
3. "Sequoyah" bronze, 7'6" above base, U.S. Capitol
4. "Farragut" bronze, ~10' above base, Farragut Square
5. "Miriam" marble, ~4' above base, unknown
6. "Spirit of the Carnival" marble, 42" above base, State Historical Society of Wisconsin at Madison, WI
7. "The West" marble, 68" above base, Wisconsin State Capitol at Madison
8. "Sappho" marble, 65" x 25" x 16", National Museum of American Art at Smithsonian Institution
9. "Sappho" bronze, same as above, Arlington National Cemetery

BUSTS: (listed by Name, Material, Size, Location)

1. "America" marble, 27 x 22 x 13", State Historical Society of Iowa at Des Moines
2. "Churchman" marble, 24 x 21 x 11", Georgetown University at Washington, DC
3. "Abraham Lincoln" marble, 31 x 21 x 12", Cornell University at Ithaca, New York
4. "Abraham Lincoln" plaster, 29 x 13.5 x 8", Louis A. Warren Lincoln Library and Museum at Fort Wayne, IN
5. "Abraham Lincoln" #2850, plaster, 10.75 x 9.5" head, Ford's Theater Collection (National Park Service)
6. "Abraham Lincoln" #2851, plaster, 12 x 9.5" head, Ford's Theater Collection (National Park Service)
7. "Passion Flower" marble, 21 x 13.5 x 9", State Historical Society of Wisconsin at Madison
8. "Morning Glory" marble, 17.5 x 11.25 x 8", National League of American Pen Women at Washington, DC
9. "Edwin B. Hay" bronze, ????, Rock Creek Cemetery at Washinton, DC
10. "Albert Pike" plaster, 28 x 21 x 11", House of the Temple at Washington, DC
11. "Samuel Powell" marble, 24 x 20 x 12", Brooklyn Borough Hall at Brooklyn, NY
12. "William Seward" plaster. 28 x 11 x 8", Louis A. Warren Lincoln Library and Museum at Fort Wayne, IN
13. "The Violet" marble, 21.25 x 13.75 x 9", National League of American Pen Women at Washington, DC
14. "John Wentworth" plaster, 30.75 x 21.5 x 12", Chicago Historical Society at Chicago, IL


1. "Susan B. Anthony" plaster, 8" x 10" oval, Oklakhoma Historical Society at Oklahoma City, OK
2. "Abraham Lincoln" plaster, 21" round x 4", Ford's Theater Collection (National Park Service)
3. "Abraham Lincoln" plaster, 7.38 x 6.38" oval, State Historical Society of New York


1. "Idleness"(hand), marble, 11.5 x 7.25 base, State Historical Society of Wisconsin at Madison, WI


1. "Martha Washington" oil, 29" x 24" oval, Columbia College at Columbia, MO

Known Portrait Sculpture Proposed:

George CRITTENDEN? (1812-1880) Rollins to Mrs. Crittenden, 22 Apr 1880.
Colonel DENNING: J. Mashley to VR, 3 Jul 1866; Hopkins p5 & p45.
Colonel F.M. DRAKE (1830-1903): D.J. Morrell to VR, 26 Aug 1881.
John INGALLS (1833-1900) Mrs. Ingalls to VR, 29 Aug 1900 reply to offer.
Albert PIKE (1809-1891) Thomas Caswell to VR, 9 & 27 Nov 1897; 21 Jan 1899.
Robert L. REAM (1809-1885) bust Reuben Thwaites to VR, 8 & 15 Oct 1887.
Thaddeus STEVENS (1792-1868) 24" model requested in Lancaster to VR, 1901.
John WALLACE (1815-1884) J.W. Wallace to VR, 3 Jul 1866.
Lew WALLACE (1827-1905) Mrs. Wallace to VR, 16 Jul 1907; HMN p158.

Best Evidence of Portrait Sculpture by Vinnie Ream

Anthony, SB: primitive medallion OHS museum.
Antonelli, G: photograph of bust in Hoxie book; SLR.
Beecher, HW: Noyes to VR, 3 Nov 1872; HMN p82; CIE, 5 Dec 1872 p2.
Bingham, GC: "bust" Mrs. Bingham to VR, 12 Dec 1879; HMN p98.
Blair, FP(Sr.): "bust" NYCN; T.F. Mills bill, 26 Feb 1866 (see Colfax).
Boudinot, EC: "bust" cited in NYCN; ECB to VR, 14 Sep 1888.
Brashaer, JA: "bust" EVS, 7 Dec 1913.
Brownlow, WG: Overland Monthly (Aug 1871) reporter views model; HMN p30.
Chase, SP: "bust" cited in CIO; SLR.
Clay, CM: Rollins to Davis, 14 Jun 1866; Clay's photo in HFP.
Colfax, S: Yates to Bowen, 28 Mar 1867; Yates to Reynolds, 16 May 1867.
Cooper, P: American Institute Exhibition certificate 1871; Hoxie pp30-31.
Cornell, E: VR to Brandes, 27 Nov 1906; WNL, 26 Aug 1905 p7.
Cummins, AB: UILA Bulletin, 30 Aug 1924; SHSI Kirkwood model photo; HMN p158.
Custer, GA: "bust" cited in WGW; Monaghan; photograph in Frost.
Davis, D: National Republican story titled "Vinnie Ream's Studio."
Davis, PW: "medallion" cited in The Globe, 13 Oct 1871.
Deems, CF: Dawson to VR, 26 Oct 1871; NY Post, 23 May 1871 "To be marble."
Dore, PG: VRJA; EVS, 7 Jan 1871 p1.
Douglass, F: The Chronicle, 22 Apr 1871, "soon to model."
Eads, JB: cited in "Quinn" article MIR.
Farragut, DG: Farragut Square statue; "bust" WTS to VR, 20 Feb 1873.
Fletcher, TC: 1866 petition; Express clip "from Washington" 19 May 1868.
Fremont, JC: VRJA; "medallion" Hopkins p10.
Fremont, JB: hand sculpture at SHSW; Cited in "Quinn" article MIR.
Fremont, JB: "bust" cited in VRJA, 4 Oct 1869.
Fuller, JW: T.F. Mills bill for casting 26 Feb 1866.
Garfield, JA: SHSW photograph of bust.
Gillespie, GL: SHSW photograph of bust.
Grant, US: 1866 petition; "Bust" Cedar Rapids Republican, 1 Oct 1905.
Greeley, H: "bust" cited in NYCN; 1866 petition, Row of busts photo at SHSW.
Harlan, J: SHSI Palimpsest (Nov 1930), (a mistake? no others on Harlan).
Hay, EB: bronze bust at Rock Creek Cemetery in Washington, D.C.
Healy, GPA: 26 Jan 1870 letter HFP.
Hopkins, J: SLGD "from Washington" 11 Apr 1871.
Hoxie, RL: "Vinnie's Baby" story cited in HMN p125.
Hyacinthe, P: photo of medallion at LOC.
Hyacinthe, P: "bust" cited in VRJA; EVS, 7 Jan 1871.
Jay, J: HFP letters; EVS, 7 Jan 1871; CIO.
Johnson, R: 1866 petition, NYCN; SHSW photograph of bust.
Kaulbach, W: bust started VRJA, 12 Oct 1869.
Kellogg, MK: "bust" cited in CIO.
Kirkwood: U.S. Capitol statue; Copy at Kirkwood College, Cedar Rapids.
Lamar, LQC: SLGD "from Washington" 11 Apr 1871.
Lee, RE: CIE, 2 Aug 1867 mentions "cast."
Lee, RE: equestrian model cited in WGW.
Lincoln, A: U.S. Capitol rotunda, marble statue.
Lincoln, A: FTC medallion; NYHS medallion; G. Orth to VR, 28 Jul 1866.
Lincoln, A: FTC busts, LAWLL bust, CLU bust; photographs at OHS, SHSW.
Liszt, F: photograph of bust in Hoxie book; a different one at SHSI.
Mills, S: Simeon Mills to VR, 5 Jan 1868; HMN p30.
McClean, GE: Iowa City Republican, 24 Jul 1909.
McClellan, GB: "bust" cited in NYCN; NYW.
Moorhead, JK: "medallion" cited in NYCN.
Morrell, DJ: "bust" 1876 Philadelphia Exposition catalog.
Nesmith, JW: "medallion" cited in NYCN; studio photographs at LOC & SHSW.
Noyes, CS: TSJ.
Pike, A: HTWDC Pike Room bust; EVS, 17 Nov 1929, 5 copies reportedly made.
Powell, ST: marble bust at BBH; 27 Feb 1874 contract in HFP.
Ramsey, A: TSJ.
Read, TB: VRJA; EVS, 20 Nov 1914; Who's Who, 1914.
Read, JM: Topeka The State Record, 15 Jan 1870.
Rice, JH: Appleton's Journal 15 Jun 1872; Chronicle, 18 Jan 1872.
Rollins, JS: 1866 petition, "medallion" cited NYCN; studio photos LOC & SHSW.
Ross, EG: Dunbar to VR, 3 Oct 1902.
Ross, J: Phoenix Times-Democrat, 25 Mar 1973.
Rousseau, LH: bust displayed at Galt's Jewelry cited in "Fine Arts" story.
Samson: "bust" cited in NYCN ~p17 bound scrapbook.
Sequoyah: U.S. Capitol statue; Bust modeled 1871 (see ideal works).
Seward, WH: undraped bust at LAWLL.
Shepherd, A: "bust" CIO.
Sherman, J: 1866 petition; NYCN; Sittings, 18 Jul 1866; Copied, 14 Oct 1867.
Sherman, WT: (model started) HMN p142; P.T. Sherman to VR, 30 Sep 1899?
Smith, GC: 1866 petition; "medallion" cited in NYCN.
Spalding, MJ: EVS, 13 Jan 1871.
Spurgeon, CH: Brooklyn Union, 8 Nov 1872.
Stevens, T: "bust" 1866 petition, NYCN; LOC photo; Fletcher to VR; HMN p16.
Thomas, GH: SHSW photo of bust; EVS, 9 Dec 1872.
Thomas, GH: SHSW photo of equestrian model.
Tilton, T: "Fine Arts" story New York paper in HFP.
Torrance, E: WNL; Business Woman's Magazine, (Nov 1903).
Tyler, RO: T.F. Mills bill for casting, 26 Feb 1866.
Vorhees, D: "bust" 1866 petition; NYCN; photograph at OHS.
Van Valkenburgh, RB: 1866 petition; NYCN; Mont. Daily Dispatch, 20 Oct 1887.
Waite, MR: NY Evening Telegram, 23 Feb 1877; Hoxie p38.
Walker, JB: TSJ.
Washburne, EB: EVS, 20 Nov 1914; Who's Who, 1914.
Washington, Martha: Oil portrait in color at CCC.
Wentworth, J: plaster bust at CHS; Wentworth letter HFP.
Wu, TF: 29 Dec 1907 letter to VR; Business Woman's Magazine (Nov 1903).
Yates, R: 1866 petition; "medallion" cited in NYCN; T.P. Robb to VR.


Ezra Cornell's niece: A.J. Blauvett to VR, 29 Nov 1872.
Miss Eads: "A society belle of Washington" story in SLR.
J.C. Fremont's daughter: Elmira Advertiser from Washington, 21 Feb 1879.
L.L. Gellesful & brother: 13 Jul 1915 letter to RLH.
Jay Gould's children: "Fine Arts" story from 1871 New York paper.
Hay's daughters: A.J. Blauvett to VR, 29 Nov 1872.
Mrs. Hoyt's little girls: Ibid.
Mrs. Samuel Kirkwood: Iowa City Republican, 24 Jul 1909.
Miss Pendleton: William Barber to VR, 14 Sep 1865.
Mrs. Robert L. Ream: Lancaster Daily Express, 19 May 1868.
Mr. Ross of Illinois: "bust" cited in NYCN.
John Wentworth's daughter: Overland Monthly (Aug 1871) p146.
Miss Williams of Pa. "medallion" cited in NYCN.
Andrew White: Business Woman's Magazine (Nov 1903).

Best Evidence of Ideal Works by Vinnie Ream:

America (Columbia) marble bust at SHSI(D).
Aurora: "medallion" cited in NYCN.
*Butterfly: bust, LOC photo; Appleton's Journal, 15 Jun 1872.
Camellia(Liszt)/Carrara blue bell flowers: VRJA.
Confederate Soldier: W.J. Whittborne to VR, 2 May 1882.
Dante: (see Sunlight reference below); VRJA (Rome).
Dignity of Labor: Ibid.
Dying Standard Bearer: "medallion" cited in NYCN; OHS & SHSW photos.
The East: "statuette" SHSW photograph (see Union).
Eve: "A Row Over Vinnie Ream" Cincinnati Comm. (30 Jan) scrapbook ~p41.
Father and Family: "group" cited in NYCN.
Flora: VRJA, 6 Jun 1870.
Highland Mary: (medallion) VRJA, 19 Jun 1870.
Idleness: hand sculpture at SHSW (of Mrs. Fremont) cited in MIR.
Il Penserosa: M.C.Ames, Ten Years in Washington, p109; SLGD, 11 Apr 1867.
Industry: (hand holding pen), Appleton's Journal, 15 Jun 1872.
Indian Girl: "statuette" cited in NYCN; SHSW, OHS photographs.
La Sensibilite: "bust" Sunday Chronicle, 18 Feb 1872; SHSI(D) photo.
*Lily: Appleton's Journal, 15 Jun 1872; Chronicle, 18 Feb 1872.
Mississippi Group: VRJA (Rome).
Minerva: "medallion" cited in NYCN.
Miriam: statue (marble) LOC, CHS photographs.
Morning Glory: marble bust (of Perry Fuller Jr.) at NLAPW.
The North: statuette SHSW photograph (see Union Restored).
Ocean Nymph: Lancaster Pa. Evening Express, 27 May 1868.
Pansy: Rochester Democrat and Chronicle "from Washington" 24 Jan 1873.
Passion Flower: marble bust at SHSW; Antiques Magazine photo (Nov 1976).
Refuge: VRJA (Rome).
Rip Van Winkle: statuette 2-1/2' tall Appleton's Journal, 15 Jun 1872.
Rosebud: hand picking up a rosebud, Ibid.
Sappho: statue (marble) NMAA museum second floor; NMWA 1st exhibition.
Sensitiveness: done "in Rome" Daily Gazette story HFP clippings.
Sequoyah: bust EVS, 7 Dec 1913.
The South: statuette photograph at SHSW (see Union Restored).
Spartacus: "figure" cited in NYCN; photograph at OHS.
Spirit of the Carnival: statue at SHSW; National Republican, 6 Apr 1872.
Spring: bust of a child, Milton S. Tulhees to VR, 3 Feb 1872.
Sunlight: Baltimore American/Louisville Courier, 14 Jan 1900; HMN 129.
Twin Sisters: "life-size group" cited in NYCN; NYW.
Union Restored: see Chapter Three; old studio photographs at LOC & SHSW.
Violet: marble bust at NLAPW in Washington, D.C.
Water Nymphs: "group" cited in NYCN; NYW.
The West: statue at WSC; photos at LOC, OHS, SHSW (see Union Restored).
*(Butterfly and Lily were twin children of Capitol Architect Edward Clark).

PORTRAITS of Vinnie Ream by other artists:

1. "Vinnie Ream" by G.P.A. Healy, 31.375" x 22.5", 1870, National Museum of American Art at Smithsonian Institution
2. "Vinnie Ream" by G.C. Bingham, 42" x 32", 1876, State Historical Society of Missouri at Columbia, MO
3. "Vinnie Ream" by G.C. Bingham, 40" x 30" (harp), 1876, State Historical Society of Wisconsin at Madison, WI
4. "Vinnie Ream" by R. Colburn, 40" x 29.5", after 1876, State Historical Society of Wisconsin at Madison, WI
5. "Vinnie Ream" by Clark Mills, 16" x 14.5" x 10, 1863, State Historical Society of Wisconsin at Madison, WI