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Contemporary newspaper and magazine articles about Vinnie Ream

Articles with pictures are Adobe Acrobat PDF files and take longer to load, but worth the wait. If your computer does not have Adobe Acrobat Reader, click here[Adobe Acrobat Reader] for free download from Adobe.

The Rail Splitter - A Journal for the Lincoln Collector

Set in Stone - Daily Times-Call article by Amy Munger

A Labor of Love - Daily Times-Call article by Betty Ann Newby for the Longmont Museum

Artist Sculpted Lincoln - Commerce People article

A Labor of Love - Bloomsbury Review article by Barbara Weston

Emancipation Proclamation - Color lithograph of Proclamation

Vinnie Ream and Abraham Lincoln - Woman's Art Journal article by Joan A. Lemp

Life Magazine - Lincoln statue on cover, June 18, 1945

Longmont Man Sheds Light on 19th Century Sculptor - Boulder Planet article by Silvia Pettem

Vinnie Ream Hoxie: The Early Sculptures - American Art Review article by Joan Elliott Price

Wonder Girl from the West - Journal of American Culture article by Carmine A. Prioli

Vinnie Ream: The Teen who Sculptured Abe Lincoln - Sculpture Review article by Valerie Thompson

A Labor of Love - Book synopsis by Glenn V. Sherwood

Woman's History Month - What are you doing this year?